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How to Drive Without a License

By Jefferson Davis
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How to Drive Without a License

How did our public servants become our masters?

How did our Constitutional Rights turn into Govt. Privileges?

My name is Jefferson Davis, Veteran '85-'93. I have been driving without a license & won every ticket since 1992. Officers have even allowed me to continue without issuing a ticket. So, if driving without a license is illegal, why wouldn't the officer issue a ticket?

First, we need to clarify, is driving a Privilege or a Right? This depends on whether you are driving for 'Commercial use', or ' Private use'. Commercial is a Privilege & Private is a Right. If the Constitution declares a right, the State can't take rights away to make a Privilege: 
  • ”Those things which are considered as inalienable rights which all citizens possess cannot be licensed since those acts are not held to be a privilege.” - City of Chicago v. Collins, 51 N.E. 907, 910 

According to USC Title 18,  Pt. 1, Ch. 2, Sec. 31, (para. 6) 'Motor Vehicle means used for commercial purpose.' (Para. 10) 'Used for commercial purpose means intended for profit.'. According to this USC, the DMV's ONLY purpose is to license (contract) Motor Vehicles that are used for commercial purpose with the intend of doing business for profit. DMV regulations does NOT apply to Private Automobiles.

Racketeering is the obtaining of money or property, induced by use of force or fear by oral or written threats to kill, kidnap or injure a person or family & relatives. The State uses the DMV to commit racketeering:
  • "No state shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and attach a fee to it.” - Murdock v. Penn. 319 US 105 (1943)

Courts are of Admiralty/Maritime Law. They use specific procedures to 'omit' certain rights. If you don't acknowledge these rights, they will  proceed 'as if' you refuse to act on them. The courts calculated omissions cause many to loose their case. If you don't know your rights, you don't have any. Between 70-80% are in jails/prisons based on a corrupt justice system.
There is NO JUSTICE in a MONOPOLIZED court. There is NO RIGHTS in a CONTRACT court. What the courts omit, I acknowledge in my PDF's so you can win every time.

I compiled 2 PDF's for download:

  1. "How to Drive without a License" (Helps you to understand Govt. deception in many topics to regain your freedoms.)
  2. "Court Procedures to Win a Traffic Ticket" (Helps you to apply the knowledge to win your traffic court cases.)

Additional subjects also included within the 'How to Drive without a License' PDF:

Government Commercial Corporate
Social Contract Enforcer
2nd Amendment
Law Enforcement
Courts, Lawyers, Jurisdiction
Rules, Regulations, Statutes, Codes & Laws
Title & Registration
Impound = Stolen
Arrest = Kidnapping
Bail = Government Corporate Ransom Demand
Federal Reserve Bank
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Executive Orders (E.O.)
Forming of the DMV
Rational-Irrational Officers
2 Rules of Thumb
Court Procedures

These PDF's are FREE!! I explained each topic brief & to the point. I Guarantee you will learn things the Govt. hold sacred. 

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  1. How to Drive Without a License, or
  2. Court Procedures to Win a Traffic Ticket

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NOTE: I have had over 12 million visits & downloads. Get your FREE copies before the Govt. Censors my website!

As of Nov. 2019, over 2,647,382 reclaimed their rights. Help others by exposing this secret: Discuss & share on your Social Media. All is declared under the FOIA & 1st Amend.. This is a self-help for educational purpose.
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