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How to Drive Without a License

By Jefferson Davis
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How to Drive Without a License


ANYONE that tells me it's 'against the law' or 'illegal' to drive without a license/registration, I will laugh in your face! I don't care about rules, regulations, codes or statues, they don't apply to me & I will prove it in court everytime!


Hello, I'm Jefferson Davis, US Army Veteran 1985-93. I have been driving without a license/registration & won every ticket in court since 1992.

"When a citizen is attempting to enforce the Constitution, as herein shown, he is doing so not for himself alone but also for others as a private attorney general vindicating a policy that the Constitution writers considered of the highest priority." Newman v Piggie Park Enterprises, 390 US 400; 88 S Ct 964, 966; 19 L Ed 2d 1263, 1265 (1969); Oatis v Crown Zellerbach Corp, 398 F2d 496, 499 (CA 5, 1968); and Jenkins v United Gas Corp, 400 F2d 28, 33 n 10 CA 5, (1968)

I have compiled & prepared 2 PDF's. Both documents are like a 'Lock & Key'. They are extremely powerful documents when combined!!

What I am presenting can be POWERFUL or USELESS! Understand, there's a difference in KNOWING the path (LOCK) understanding the deception & WALKING the path (KEY) how to apply the knowledge.



 Knowing the Path (LOCK): 'How to Drive Without a License'

This document has many subjects. It is like a big puzzle. As your read this PDF, it will slowly piece together & show you the whole picture. Only then, will you understand the great deception. The following topics are briefly explained in this PDF:

Police: 'Social Contract' enforcers,
Bail=Ransom Demand,
US Constitution,
Motor Vehicle,
Rights/Freedom to Choose,
& caselaw references.


Anyone knowing this information can claim in court that it's their right to drive without a license, (Knowing the path) but you are still most likely loose in court. Why? You need to know HOW TO PROCEED in court. (Walking the path) In 1992, I knew of these deceptions & claimed my rights & I still lost my first case because I didn't know how to proceed in court.

Courts have their specific procedures. In ALL court cases, courts 'omit' to pronounce certain rights. If you do not acknowledge these rights & without your objections, they will proceed 'as if' you know these rights but refuse to act on them. These court omissions cause many people to loose their cases.

RECEIVING FREE PDF: 'How to Drive Without a License'

To read the FREE PDF online, click on the post at the top of website that says: "LEARN MORE".

To download the FREE PDF, click on the post at the top of website that says "BOOK".



Walking the Path (KEY): 'Court Procedures to Win a Traffic Ticket'

This document which will give you step by step instruction on how to apply the great deception to your advantage. Please NOTE: This PDF is copyrighted!!


GOOD NEWS!! What the courts omit, I have acknowledged. I used this same procedures in this PDF for over 27 years to win ALL my traffic cases. This PDF is extremely powerful! Most of my cases were dismissed before trial even started!

Everything in this PDF is already prepared: pleading, jury pick, questions, statements, caselaws & closing. The instructions are very simple & easy to follow during your trial. 

I also included in this PDF that if you are arrested on these rights, how to proceed with your bail hearing to help you from having to post bail.

To void JAIL & FINES for your no license tickets, this copyright PDF is a must have!!

RECEIVING COPYRIGHT PDF: 'Court Procedures to Win a Traffic Ticket'

To receive the copyright PDF, click on the post at the top of the website that says: "BUY" to Donate $20. Immediately after donation, you will be redirected to download the copyright PDF.

A donation link is included in the FREE PDF to receive the copyright PDF.



The DMV is stealing BILLIONS! Both my PDF's are extremely damaging to their racketeering & they will do anything to stop this from circulating. The Government is so terrified of it, so determined to suppress it, that they will subvert justice to succeed. I have been repeatedly threatened to keep silent.


As an Honorable Veteran, I have been fighting for the peoples freedom while I was in the US Army from Foreign encounters & I am still fighting for the peoples freedom from Domestic encounters. Problem is, I can't do this alone:


Help me to spread the news. Discuss, share, distribute & circulate the Free PDF & this website link on your social media. (Facebook, Twitter, etc..)

If I can drive without license for over 27 years & win all my court cases, you can!


All information is declared under the FOIA (Freedom of Information) & 1st Amendment (Freedom of Speech). This information is for educational & with no intent to bring hate or violence. 

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