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How to Drive Without a License

By Jefferson Davis
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How to Drive Without a License

Hello, I'm Jefferson Davis. A U.S. Army Veteran 1985-93. If you don't know your rights, you don't have any. What I'm going to share is only known by the elite trying to control your Freedom. I have been driving without a license & won every ticket in court since 1992. I stopped paying taxes 30 year ago & the IRS will not prosecute. For knowledge to have Power, you must claim it!

  • "When a citizen is attempting to enforce the Constitution, as herein shown, he is doing so not for himself alone but also for others as a private attorney general vindicating a policy that the Constitution writers considered of the highest priority." Jenkins v United Gas Corp, 400 F2d 28, 33 n 10 CA 5, (1968)

Everyone fears laws without the thought that, "Does that law apply to me?". People don't understand that: 'Laws only apply to that specific Government Corporate entities contract.'. Simple rule of thumb:

  • Without a license/permit (contract), then there's NO AGREEMENT & therefore you are NOT BOUND to abide such Government Corporate entities laws & NO Tax, Drug or Traffic Contract Courts has jurisdiction to allow prosecution whereas such act is treasonous & violation of their oath. 

Most citizens are wrongfully incarcerated on:
  • 'Fraudulent' charges presented by the prosecutor regarding the deception of that contract the defendant believed was required, or
  • the Admiralty/Maritime (contract) court judge committed a treasonous act  by knowingly allowing the prosecution of a defendant without a contract (agreement).

I have compiled & prepared 2 documents for download. The following is a brief statement on each PDF:


PDF #1: Knowing the Path (LOCK): 'How to Drive Without a License' 
(Understanding the deception)

This document mainly covers a variety of subjects regarding the drivers license (DMV, State Corporate, Courts, Police, etc.) but many of these subjects can be applied towards understanding the deception of other Government Corporate entities.

After reading this PDF, you will piece this puzzle together to see the whole picture. Only then, will you understand the great Government deception.

In Brief: 
ALL State/Federal/US Government Departments are separate Corporate entities. Each Corporate makes laws specifically to their purpose. These laws only apply to that specific Corporate contract. Without a contract with that Corporate, you are NOT bound to abide by the laws of that entity. Every citizen is independent of ALL LAWS! Corporate's use words like; 'illegal' or 'against the law' to apply a fear tactic as a deception to appear that you are required their contract to keep from violating their laws. The US Constitution already gives you that freedom from contacts. It's the contract that restricts your freedom. The Corporate steals your TRUE Constitutional freedom in exchange for Contractual Privileges to control your freedom. Examples:

1.  The DMV Corporate entities specific purpose is to license (Contract) Motor Vehicles used for Commercial Purpose with the intent of doing business for profit upon the highways. Their laws only pertain to Commercial Motor Vehicle. DMV has NO law requiring the Licensing, Registration or Insurance of Private Automobiles. DMV laws deceive the citizen to 'APPEAR' to include the private owner. Any officer enforcing this contract upon a private owner without this contract violates his oath to uphold the constitution.

2.  When Government Corporate's make laws against drugs, requiring concealed weapons permits, or banning weapons, these laws only pertains to those with their contracts such as State/Federal employees, NOT the private citizens. Police are only authorized to enforce violations of "SOCIAL CONTRACTS", not violation of freedoms. 

3. The IRS is a PRIVATE (NOT Government) Collections Company, acting as a permanent contractor for the US Treasury department, without any Legal Statute authorization. They falsely represent themselves to be an agency of the U.S. Dept. of Treasury. It's tax laws only apply to their 1040 contract. Those who enter this contract are under these tax laws. You are NOT subject to the IRS tax laws without an agreement (contract) to pay such tax. IRS constantly abuse their PRIVATE COMPANY laws as GOVERNMENT laws.

  • Quick history on IRS: In 1862 the IRS was formed to collect taxes for the 'war effort'. In 1895, the US Supreme court declared the income tax Unconstitutional because it was a 'DIRECT TAX'. (Pollock v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Company, 157 U.S. 429 (1895), affirmed on rehearing, 158 U.S. 601 (1895)). On 1913, Congress ratified (still in question) the 16th Amendment. In 1942, a 2 year 'War Victory Tax' was declared for the 'war effort'. In 1944, the 'War Victory Tax' was changed to 'US Individual Tax' which created the 1040 form. This is when IRS tax became 'voluntary'.

Did you know that the IRS is NOT licensed, bonded, or insured as a PRIVATE Company to do any type of business within any State? To include NOT licensed & insured to carry fire arms. Question: As a PRIVATE Company, where did they get the Judicial powers to issue search warrants, levy wages and steal from your bank account?  

Anything you sign is considered a contract. You have the right to alter any contract to your specification BEFORE signing. If forced into a contract you don't agree with, it's always wise to put either of the following by your signature:
  1.  'Without Prejudice' (UCC 1-308 to reserves your rights or under protest, such as for a drivers license) or
  2.  'Under Duress' (Public Law 94-550, whereas you was wrongfully induced or coercion against your will to sign under penalty of purjury, such as for IRS 1040 Tax forms)

Understanding how the Private Federal Reserve Corporate is applied:

On 12-23-1913, Congress granted a 'PRIVATE' group called 'Federal Reserve' to be formed as a Corporate. (Ratification of 16th Amend.) The US Treasury Corporate prints the Federal Reserve 'Notes', (To appear as legal tender) then 'SELL' the 'notes' to the Federal Reserve for pennies per bundle. The 'notes' then become full value of that denomination. They LOAN the tender to the US Corporate's to do business. In return, the US Corporate's gives them US Treasury bonds (promising to give them our land in payment) to the Federal Reserve for use of their private money. This violates Art. 1 Sec. 8 Para. 5 & 6.

  1.  The Federal Reserve created the National Debt to produce an 'Imaginary Interest' on the debt. Because the money is imaginary, it can never be repaid.
  2.  When using a 'Note' to purchase anything, it belongs to who's name is on the note. (Federal Reserve) You are just the 'care taker' for the true owner. 
  3.  The spare change in your pocket is the ONLY true tender because it is owned by the US Treasury, not the 'private' Federal Reserve.

NOTE: On 6-4-1963, JFK issued E.O. 11110 (which became Public Law 88-36) that would give American currency back to the people by printing silver certificates based on silver standard and take away the power of the Private Federal Reserve banking System. JFK had $4.3 billion in circulation back by silver. Federal Reserve is back by anything. On 11-22-1963, 5 months later, JFK was assassinated. This leaves reason to believe the Federal Reserve had JFK assassinated. If E.O. 11110 is repealed, the US would not be in debt.

Now, the BILLION dollar question: "Why would you limit your freedom with a Corporate 'contracts' when the US Constitution already GUARANTEES you that freedom?".

To receive this FREE PDF: 'How to Drive Without a License', click on the post at top of website that says:

  2.  'BOOK' to DOWNLOAD. PDF will automatically download to your download files.


PDF #2: Walking the Path (KEY): 'Court Procedures to Win a Traffic Ticket'
(Applying the Knowledge)

This document gives you step by step instruction on how to apply the great deception to your advantage to win your traffic case in court.

Traffic, Tax & Drug courts are Contract courts. Contracts are under Admiralty/Maritime laws. Admiralty/Maritime is laws of the Sea & Coastal. These laws can only be brought on land threw contracts. Their jurisdiction is limited to Contracts. Without a contract, these courts have NO JURISDICTION. It is the Corporate deception in the requirement of these contracts that appear to give these Admiralty/Maritime Courts of Contract jurisdiction over your case.

Everything in this PDF is already prepared: pleading, jury pick, questions, statements, case laws & closing. The instructions are very simple & easy to follow during your trial.

I also included in this PDF that if you are arrested on these rights, how to proceed with your bail hearing to help you get released without having to post bail.

With this PDF, you will embarrass the courts for unjust actions, incriminate the officer (witness) for violation of their oath, & exploit the State & DMV for Treason & Racketeering. 

This PDF is copyrighted. Please respect my rights.

To receive this PDF: 'Court Procedures to Win a Traffic Ticket', click on the post at the top of the website that says:
  1. 'BUY' to donate. Your copyright PDF will automatically download to your download files after donation.

As of Nov. 2019, over 2,647,382 citizens across the USA have reclaimed their rights to drive without their DMV contracts! This PDF is a MUST HAVE to win your traffic tickets. Get your PDF ASAP before the Government shuts this website down or shuts me up.

You are authorized to share this information & Free PDF on your social media.

All information is declared under the FOIA & 1st Amendment. This information is for educational purpose with no intent for hate or violence.
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